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afofee is a startup firm involved in gathering all the necessary details and data that is required for healthy activities in internet based services.
To collect the genuine details of the people and make a stable platform which will support proper use of internet and services based on internet.
afofee was founded in Brazil by two Friends . Jorge safra & Douglas Flinto
afofee was already started in the middle of 2011, but it took a long survey and time to establish afofee.
afofee is working in 7 large and most populated countries. India, China , Russia , Malaysia , Bangladesh, Indonesia and Brazil
afofee has internal tie up with many companies and soon afofee will start with its own services.
Company is not only providing the returns for their investment but also allotting some tasks so that they will be educated about what company is doing and current trends of market and get some additional income from this.
It is as easy as to register yourself and start with paying the registration amount.
Joining afofee is in itself a big returns. You get a verification code letter with profile, a friendly dashboard, some easy tasks and a kind support with good returns.