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Afofee is an advertisement company which is doing the branding through the organic marketing which is the best way of marketing at this present market. In Afofee we are making it much more effective by getting it done through our own subscribers on daily bases with the help of our marketing tools.
In Afofee we are assigning some work to the customers which they suppose to do on daily bases, in task tool customers will get 5 tasks to perform everyday, with which company is doing the branding of their clients and their products.
Organic marketing is the best way of doing the advertisement of the brand or branded products. Organic marketing is the just as inbound marketing or else you can also define it as C2B or Consumer to Business Marketing. In this type of marketing, the marketers use to brand themselves in all available and/or workable media to ensure that the consumer come to their business.
Tagging on social media is a way of connecting YOUR social media content with another person, company, topic, or event. So whereas hashtags connect general KEYWORDS together tags connect social media content to specific social media accounts.
In Afofee we are providing a platform where people can buy the subscription of Afofee and do the online job (Work from home) for the extra income. Not only the income Afofee is also providing some attractive offers to all its subscribers due to which 30%-40% of our subscribers are doing the online purchases for which company is also providing the prepaid cards and educating them through the convenient way of purchasing.
In session Afofee is connecting the brands or the branded products to their respective and filtered customers directly with which Afofee is increasing the possibilities of their clients benefit by 30%-40%.
As an ambitious business owner, you may be tempted to market your products to anyone and everyone, but this will only waste your resources and time because you’ll be marketing to consumers who either aren’t interested in what you have to offer or who wouldn’t benefit from what you’re trying to sell them.the customer base that you’ll be targeting directly with your products and/or services. These are the consumers who have a need for whatever it is that your business has to offer, so it only makes sense to figure out ways of appealing to these customers by letting them know that you recognize their needs and you have the perfect solution.
Afofee is an advertising company which is a paid platform for any of the company or brand who want us to advertise themselves in the global market. Here Afofee is dedicated to bring the best result that is also in an organic way (C2B) which will be performed by our own subscribers all around the world, and for this we do have a few packages, on the bases of those packages we will promote or advertize your brand or product. About selling the product we would like to tell you that our subscribers are not only the promoters but they are also the buyers. According to our analysis 30%-40% of the Afofiyans are well educated and having a tendency to do the shopping online.
Through the session tool Afofee is displaying the required products or the needed products to the each and every individual of Afofee those who are the subscribers or else you can say that we do have the filtered customers of each brand of all products to whom we display your products.
In Afofee we are doing the complete surveys of all individual customers with the help of which we are able to figure out the requirement of the clients and the brands to which they are connected, so this is a by default process of afofee with which we are understanding the brand requirement of all the subscribers.

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