Win customers and revenue, automatically.

Empower yourself to trend. Let real people spread your message and perform your marketing tasks through Afofee.

Afofee mobile app coming soon

How it feels when human works for you, except robots.Afofee initializes the process by introducing a strong network of happy workers who eventually work for you in a large extend.


Task Tool is an option with which company is promoting themselves and all the products of company’s clients to millions and millions of people organically and within no time.

Your target becomes our work.. Afofee collects every single point of active data of every individual who wish to connect with us and then filters it with your services..


Session tool is an option for the biggest and the greatest brands to advertise their products and name for the fame and also for the benefit.Over here in Afofee all our subscribers are both promoters and buyers, here we are promoting your branded products to the targeted customers only so that we can generate the max output from this tool.

The Afofee App

An afofian who works for afofee or get served by afofee will always be available, updated and connected through the flexible afofee app.

Here something to show.

To understand even more and accurately, have a look on this video. Afofee tends to visualize you the plan and process to all its users.