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Who We Are

Afofee is purely an advertising company who promotes or advertise the brand and products of their clients through their own subscribers. Our mission is to reach more than a million customers in every minute beyond the borders and boundaries.

We are improving it on daily bases. In Afofee our vision is to bring the entire world under a same platform and give them the best option to advertise their brands and for our customer to buy the best products as well.

over here we are directing or guiding all the brands to their respective customer and our consumers to their brands through the target audience based application.

afofee is the brain child of two Brazilians, thought and designed in Brazil. It all started with simple idea of mobilizing the internet platform and it has now converted into a meaningful tool, which can be used as per the need of services of the people.
afofee knows well that the world is in a dilemma about what is right and what is taking a person to the right way. Most people are in situation wherein either they are paying more or they are getting less. Everything is being driven in its own way. afofee is here to make a proper arrangement with which the payer gets apt amount of return for his investment, whether it is online or product.
afofee has many plans in the future days which would be launch sooner as per market response, for right impact to come and for worldwide acceptance we need time. As we say ‘sayafofee’ to smile be sure and better confident as your enthusiasm brings positivity to us and the market.
Even after having a huge Infrastructure and a vast dimension, afofee likes to play a dedicational role in supporting and helping the peoples who are in need of something extra in their lives. “Growing together” revolution needs support and so the afofee is first to begin with.
afofee has a lot many things to say in coming days. The time which is needed for an activity to complete has to be given its time. Meanwhile what we expect and support from all the members and other related people is, not to worry, be exited by watching new videos and information which we showcase to you and be confident that would bring energy and assurance to us that we are on the path towards our goal which is, "say afofeeee to smile".

We will be standing with you at Every step of your brands growth:

We Afofee do the branding of our clients and we give our level best to do the branding of the clients. We are doing all the experiments in the market which no companies can do none other than afofee, for this we do have our task tool.

Task is tool with which we can create a brand image of an upcoming or developing company with in no time through the organic marketing which will be performed by our subscriber all around the world. Our subscribers are not only the viewers but the buyers as well. To guide your brand to your respective customers with which we can increase your business with 30% - 40% through session tool. By this way we use to implement all the possible options with which we will be able to bring the best output from our work.

We develop and deliver, not just promise

At afofee, we have complete picture about internet, economy and market. We are aware about the challenges, consequences and opportunities in current and future market. We have developed “afofee” with attributes in mind and to fulfill requirements as and when it occurs and also to perform better operations.

The technical innovation and ability of a country becomes its identity and also portrays the IT capability which further becomes an earning source and survival. Afofee is trying to develop a platform which would bridge the gap of ability and capability which direct further to a stage called “enjoying the survival”, at afofee we would never commit or promise about unrealistic things however afofee will definitely bring out the best of the market, from the market, for the market and for its members.

How we are supporting afofians?

In afofee we are displaying the filtered products of individual requirements of every customer. Here we are educating and promoting the subscribers to do the online shopping very conveniently and for making it more easier and pleasant we are providing prepaid cards and discount vouchers as well.